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Blast Audits and Optimisation

Our blasting experts assess the quality of blast design and implementation with the information collected from site and provide an insight into problems in blast fragmentation, excavator productivity, ore loss/dilution and damage. These observations provide practical solutions to improve the blasting process. Data analytics is a key component of drill and blast improvement through the integration of geological, blast design, fragmentation and load and haul data.

Wall-control Blasting and Blast Damage Control

KAPEKS offers innovative blasting solutions to minimise the blasting damage and
maximise the safety of mining operations. Blast damage to the highwalls impacts
their stability and reduces safety of subsequent mining operations. Increased blast
damage to the highwalls can also result in unplanned increase in stripping ratios
and reduce ore recoveries. KAPEKS conducts benchmarking of blast damage within
the current practices and identifies the key blast damage mechanisms with the
current blasting practices. KAPEKS provides recommendations and cost-benefit
analysis of alternative wall-control blast designs.

Fragmentation Measurement and Modelling

Blasting is the first stage of comminution in most mining operations and should not be seen solely as a means of getting the rock size to a point where it can be loaded into a truck. The ROM size distribution has a significant impact on the performance of the downstream crushing and grinding processes.
The in-situ ore properties, drill pattern and properties of the explosive govern the size distribution of rocks produced from a blast and the degree to which the energy of the blast is utilised. KAPEKS has blast fragmentation models and fragmentation measurement systems that can be used to assess the optimum blast conditions required for a particular ore type. The aim is to produce a ROM size distribution that will maximise crushing/grinding circuit throughput and the efficiency of the plant. Analysis of such data provides insights, knowledge and direct feedback to operations enabling consistent high performance.

Dilution and Ore Loss Management

The management of ore loss and dilution is an important aspect of productivity and
efficiency at mines. Blasting allows the ore to be efficiently excavated and
processed. Another effect of blasting is that the material being blasted will
experience some movement, thereby causing an offset between the orebody and
the resource model. Depending on the distribution of ore throughout the blast,
failure to take this movement into account when excavating will have significant
economic consequences in terms of ore loss and dilution.

KAPEKS suggests innovative solutions to manage ore loss and dilution to the
mines. Electronic blasting system is one of the major tools that we use to
deliver improved ore/waste segregation.

Vibration and Airblast Control to Minimise the Environmental Impacts of Blasting

KAPEKS offers consulting services for vibration control. Blasting applications
include: Compliance monitoring, protection of infrastructure and optimising charge
weight distribution throughout the blast pattern. The consulting service will
involve the measurement, analysis, modelling, prediction and control of ground
vibration. The service may also include: Baseline auditing, advice on equipment
selection, training and risk analysis.
KAPEKS also offers consulting services for airblast management. Blasting
applications include: Airblast due to mechanisms such as stemming ejection,
cratering and piston effects from bulk movement of large faces. The consulting
service will involve the measurement, analysis, modelling and control of airblast.

Underground Advance and Productivity

KAPEKS provide specialist services to its underground mining and construction
customers to minimise overbreak/underbreak, increase advance rate, provide finer
fragmentation and reduced total mining cost. Our experienced engineers conduct
benchmarking study initially and then provide alternative blast designs to achieve
the project KPIs.

Safety Management

As KAPEKS, safety management planning and applications are our top priority. Technological developments and innovations within this scope are used as a reference in the development of KAPEKS safety management systems.
KAPEKS, leads the sector with its sustainable safety management principle in both production plants and application areas. With the knowledge and experience it has, it continues to support the institutions and organizations to supply in creating efficient and feasible own safety management systems.

KAPEKS, also provides other services, products including;

  • Special products for reactive ore
  • Permitted products for underground coal mining
  • Safety audits & training
  • Support to magazine licence to operate
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