Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Policy

KapeksOccupational Health Safety and Environmental Policy


As KAPEKS, we are trying to carry out our activities at the highest standards without harming our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, neighbors, visitors and the environment we live in. By creating safe working areas, we aim primarily to make sustainable ‘’Zero Fatal İncident’’ with created Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHS&E) culture.

In accordance with this purpose; we commit that;

  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent occupational injuries and diseases and protect our environment,
  • Being in full compliance with the legal requirements applied,
  • To provide continuous training to our employees,
  • To involve the employees in the development of the OHS&E System by consulting them,
  • To provide continuous improvement,
  • To Create a system for setting goals and reviewing them,
  • Establishing a communication method / channel for everyone who needs information, thus ensuring that they have information about their obligations,
  • To research and develop continuously on using natural resources and energy more efficiently
  • To maintain that the management system is periodically reviewed.

Executive Board Chairman
Hakan KAYA